theultimaterabbitlord asked:

are you kidding me? cis hate? this blog is the most hypocritical thing i've ever seen. seriously, practice what you preach and end all hate.

dearcispeople answered:

How many protests for Islan Nettles did you go to? Cece McDonald? Tyra Hunter? Any of the hundreds of thousands of trans women that have been murdered or had their lives ruined in your generation, what have you done to fight against the people who say that the Trans Panic Defense should be legal? Have you protested about how we’re still banned from serving in the military? Or how most police are still trained that being trans is evidence of solicitation and worthy of arrest?

If you haven’t, kindly direct your energy there. We’re dying and you’re acting like the pain your ears feel when we scream out from the pain is as bad as when we’re being stabbed. Saying “end all hate” puts the massive discrimination we face every time we open the front door on the same level as the annoyance you get when you go to a site we made to vent to each other and how it’s not being careful about your feelings.

Your feelings are not on the same level as venting we need to survive.

Yeah, so tell me…What have YOU done about all the kids killed in Darfur? 

So, I am now a “Shitlord”.

In this new status as poop nobility, I issue the following edicts:

1.  Nobody wants to hear your whiny ass shit.  By virtue of having access to a computer in the first place, YOU are a privileged and pampered little cuss yourself.

2.  This date will henceforth be known as “Everyone Take Off Their Pants” day.

3.  If you peons loved me, you’d all kill yourselves today.


flikky:  I fail to see how this is any different than laughing at car accidents.

I think there’s something about asthma that a lot of people without asthma don’t actually get, which is part of why there’s so much stigma against fat people talking about having it from thin people who don’t have it.

Asthma isn’t simply a state of “being out of breath.”

Asthma is a state of…


assbasket asked:

Serious friggin' question, here: I understand that casual racism or whatever you call the passive-aggressive shit like that is probably infuriating. But every "privilege" page I've ever seen seems completely dedicated to mocking people who'd LIKE to be on your side, even if they don't know HOW to be on your side (which ever that side may be, in this case presumably non-whites). I don't give a crap if you don't like me or think this was rude, I am honestly curious as hell about this phenomenon

thisiswhiteprivilege answered:

I think you’re referring to my mounting frustration of allies half assing their way to my (I only speak for myself) “good side”. There is no good side, no sucking up, just me. Lemme give you a rough, rough absolutely rough analogy.

I have a “friend” who cheated on school work all the way up to now. They took all my worked claimed it was their work and when I turn in my work I am charged with plagiarism, suspended, and mocked by my peers.  Now, I’m not their friend anymore; I cut ties and call them out on their shit. The come back saying they’re sorry but they’re not sure why they’re sorry. So they ask me to explain why instead of checking their own ass  thus making me do all the work, again. When I, with good cause, go off on them they cry and say they’re only trying to be on my “good side”.

I want everyone to note how nice and polite I was to this shitstain word vomit posing as an ask.


Yeah, that was reasonably nice and polite.  By my standards, anyway.